Hey 👋🏽

I'm Kina, a remote product designer that's all about personal finance, growth, wellbeing, design, and product strategy. I focus on helping people make sustainable data-driven decisions.

Why I made this

I believe that education unlocks exponential growth and opportunities, so I'm sharing useful resources and ideas from my experiences; please take what works for you and change what doesn’t.

What I'm working on

  1. Full-time: Leading product design for Kolatr, a B2B Retail Analytics startup. Generally fully remote, with the occasional trip to Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Content: ~Monthly ideas about personal finance, wellbeing, careers in product design, remote & early stage startup life, and lifestyle. Available here and on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or Medium.
  3. Mentorship: Available every ~6 months on ADPList or with Startmate's Women Fellowship.
  4. Other:️ When I'm not doing either of the above, you can find me reading books or exploring new places.

My journey so far

  • 2016: Freelanced as an app & web designer while studying product design - the physical kind: handmade furniture, 3d printed unique tools.
  • 2017: Exchange semester in Köln, Germany, learning about service and interaction design, while working as a part-time delivery biker.
  • 2018 - 2020: Worked at Roam Digital (now Stellar Elements), a digital consultancy. Learnt a lot about designing workshops, user interfaces, marketing websites, and remote ways of working.
  • 2021: Joined Multitudes, a B2B Developer Analytics startup as their sole product designer, covering user research, UX, UI, product strategy, marketing, and more.
  • 2022: Joined Kolatr, a B2B Retail Analytics startup as their remote lead product designer, helping them build from 0 to 1. Exciting times!

Get in touch

  1. 🐦 Threads (#rip Twitter) - For shorter questions and feedback. I also occasionally reply to Instagram DMs.
  2. 📧 Email - For longer or private feedback, please email me. I read 100% of emails, but can't guarantee that I'll reply, especially in a timely manner.


Before you take on any resource, tip, guide, or tool throughout my website or social media platforms, please note:

  • All opinions are my own and is not a reflection of my employers.
  • The information here is general in nature, and for educational purposes only. It has no intention of constituting financial advice - do not rely on it for investment or financial decisions.
  • This content is not personalised to your individual needs; I am not a qualified financial adviser, and therefore can only provide information for general purposes.
  • Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money and you might lose the money you start with.
  • If you’re looking for personalised financial, legal, tax or other expert advice based on your situation, please seek assistance from a professional adviser. I cannot accept liability for any decisions made based on the information shared.
  • I cannot guarantee that everything on this website will always be perfectly accurate, factual, and correct. I link to other websites, tools, and resources, but take no responsibility for the content they publish.
  • Use the information provided on my website and social media channels at your own risk, always do your research, and use due diligence.